Aug 112012

So as with every MRA meetup, after breakfast we converge upon Commercial Drive (starting from Grandview Park), to put up some Men’s Rights posters. Now at this week’s meeting we had one of our fellow MRA’s wife along with us. She recognizes that she doesn’t want her sons to grow up in a world where men are hated, attacked, ignored, dehumanized, or forced into slave labour just for being male.
She wants to stop it from going too far, she sported one of our shirts and helped put up posters today. It was a good day overall.

I was singled out and confronted by my very first encounter with a “Mangina” or “White Knight”, and although he was calm and polite his body language and tone was hostile. He tried to get me to see the error of my ways, and that I need to recognize I have “male privilege”. This man whom had never met me assumed that I have privileges. Which let’s face it; the only folks with any real privilege are the social and financial elite.

VanMRA-Aug-17-2012 Not that long ago, I was faced with being unemployed, and homelessness was a very real possibility. Still this man made his assumptions. I was very polite to him, however the activist in me, and the Zeta Male in me are always in conflict. The activist in me reacted with a retort. All I said to this man is this:

“That’s nice, and it’s your opinion. However go talk to the women whom have abused and/or raped me about my privileges.”

He immediately shut up, he had no rebuttal [actually no, he was decent enough to say he was sorry to hear I had to go through that]. So his only response was that of a toddler, and not that of an adult. He crumpled up the poster I had given him, gave me a dirty look and walked away.

Even if he is in direct opposition of my beliefs a seed was still planted, I respected his right to his opinion (shunning it as it was useless to me however) and went about my day.

He came up to me because I appeared in his age demograph, and because the rest of the group were having an adult conversation with a male & female couple whom were showing support (photos to follow at a later date). I also was not sporting a Men’s Rights awareness shirt, I was dressed in my typical goth rocker garb. I was actually wearing a Siouxsie and the Banshees shirt; which whether she recognizes her Feminist status or not, to the general populous that knows who she is, they see her as a Feminist.

He probably figured I was new to the group because of this, and he needed to correct my clear confusion facing the issues involving men & women in our current cultural climate.

The rest of the day went by without incident.

Upon my next poster run, I will don a Radfem shirt whilst putting up posters about Men’s Rights issues.

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  1. You are a real asset to our group, T.U.C. – and an awesome guy to boot.