Sep 152012

There is a group of what you might call “feminazis” in our fair city of Vancouver,  who only half-ironically call themselves the femistasi. You’ve heard of them by now. They are the same posse who mauled the pro-male placards in the Commercial Drive district, on the grounds that said placards were “hateful” or the like. Well let’s not mince words: these femistasi are viciously aggressive moral wolverines, and I wouldn’ t put anything past them at all. But never forget that they call themselves femistasi by their own free choice, so you and I, dear friends, are free to follow their lead by calling them exactly what they call themselves.

I suppose their rationale might be that the East German STASI was a Communist org — hence “left-wing”. You know, as opposed to the National Socialists, who are deemed “right wing”, hence, I would assume. . . . somehow worse? Mind you, I get that the STASI didn’t operate death camps, so clearly they must shine by comparison to the Nazis, nicht wahr? Sure, I guess I can sort of understand why a pro-feminist, anti-male gang in in our fine city would embrace the monikker of  “femistasi” in preference to “feminazi.”  No doubt they find it all very artsy, edgy and tongue-in-cheek to call themselves such a thing. And I know they trust  you to smirk knowingly along with their cutesy, masturbatory, avant-garde inside joke, and to never-but-never remark how closely their own moral posture resembles that of the original STASI.

So I will never-but-never call these progressive Vancouverites “feminazis”. Feminists hate to hear that word for any reason at all, so Femistasi it is, all the way! See how accommodating I am?

Now, the word STASI is short for Ministerium für Staatssicherheit — that’s “Ministry for State Security“, if you’re curious. This ministry was founded in 1950, when the smoke of war had hardly cleared and rubble still lay in heaps. And for the following forty years it held the German Democratic Republic under a pythonic reign of Schrecklichkeit which I earnestly hope you can’t imagine. (It has been my honor to converse with Germans who lived in those times!)

At any rate, the original STASI never cared one spit about about human rights, so it is all of the same cloth, so to speak, that their current quasi-namesakes in Vancouver become apeshit-angry over the slogan that “men’s rights are human rights.”

Derek Bedry of is certainly a case in point, and when he fabricated his own news in order to write a fake story about people he wanted to backstab and destroy, he dipped into the same bag of tricks that his East German role models employed for all those years. But I should in fairness add that the original STASI had far worse tricks up its sleeves than that.  So I reckon these Vancouver femistasi just never get a chance to show their stuff, do they? And so they must discreetly draw the line at pony league projects. For the time being, anyway.

So with all of that echoing in your brain, I send you to the official Wikipedia article about the original East German STASI. I would encourage you to study the long list of “examples” — especially toward the end, where it features the propaganda smear tricks these gallant lads got up to when they weren’t bloodying their hands with matters purely murderous:

And when you are done with that, you will enjoy this:

Finally, to highlight yet again the karmic nexus of misandry which over-arches from all quarters to all quarters, here as usual is a link to the Agent Orange files: