Aug 272012

So people whom attack my beliefs openly, without expecting reproach; are in my books homophobic, racist, sexist, etc. bigots.

Because if people truly believe men’s rights are NOT human rights? well hey Gays, Bisexual Males, GenderQueer Males, Asexual Males, Pan-males, Trans-males do not deserve to be treated fairly, or have ANY rights because they are MEN. This is the logic you apply when you openly deface and attack men’s rights issues.

Men CAN be raped by envelopment NOT JUST PENETRATION.

Men can be beaten within an inch of their life by their spouses, only to lie about the beating to a hospital doctor.

Parental Alienation is harmful to ALL children.

Men consistently have ZERO reproductive rights.

Less than 10% of the time, Fathers will win custody battles, even when the mother would be deemed an unfit parent on ALL accounts.

97% of combat deaths & casualties since the first gulf war have been men

80% of all suicides are men

90% of the homeless are men

Government funding for prostate cancer research is 60% less than the amount for breast cancer research. Despite diagnosis rates being identical.

So don’t scoff, don’t dismiss, and sure as hell don’t attack me for my beliefs


Men’s Rights Are Human Rights. Just as, Women’s Rights Are Human Rights, LGBTQAP Rights Are Human Rights.

Do I need to make it any more clear for folks?

Aug 232012

As any Vancouverite will tell you the housing market is extremely prejudiced against renters, and tenancy laws are constantly being broken by slum lords without reproach. There is no laws making it illegal for landlords to request ‘no pets’ as there is in Ontario, and landlords can get away with placing ANY restrictive policies on the rental they see fit.

Men it would seem are by and large treated in the same vain as pets; doing a craigslist search of vancouver rentals, one will find an alarmingly high percentage of rental ads which state “female only”. I take issue with this, it is as if landlords are taking their warped views on women being clean, pristine, and good tenants and pushing those views into their ads. The same goes for ads looking for roommates, most ‘female only’ posts come from women or men.

I guess everyone forgot that such films as Single White Female, shows that women are just as susceptible as men to being a psychopathic roommate.

This prejudice against men in Vancouver’s rental market is absolutely disgusting, it would not surprise me if this were the reason for the statistics of working homeless men in Vancouver.

I myself have only been looking for three weeks, but because I’m a man, and because I want to have a cat in the near future I am being completely stone-walled from GOOD rentals. I can find rentals, but most have been absolute dumps, or if they are nice WAY overpriced for their respective neighbourhoods.

It’s been said time and time again, someone needs to deal with the bullshit in Vancouver’s housing and rental markets.

Also we need to bring attention to this growing trend of NO-MEN ALLOWED rental ads, beginning to swallow up a legitimate posting space such as Craigslist, Kajiji, Padmapper, or any other rental search site.

Aug 192012

So yesterday’s meetup saw the Vancouver MRA branching out into new neighbourhoods, for our poster runs. We wanted to gauge the level of tolerance of free speech. We went to Davie street and ultimately were not surprised at all by the positive reactions from Men & Women; indeed we had some individuals approach us asking what we were about, even asking for copies of posters.

I myself with an MRA buddy even approached Little Sisters Bookstore, to ask them if they wouldn’t mind putting up a couple posters on their community board (I will be going back in a couple of days to see if they were in fact put up).

We found considerably less poster poles down Davie street, so we decided to continue on down to Denman, where a funny sort of thing happened. On the corner of Davie & Denman there is a Starbucks, a pub, and beachfront restaurant.

There were poster poles kiddy corner to each other at the intersection leading to English Bay.

The poles by Starbucks, well nobody dared touch our posters there; however the one across from it we found when we had left the area and come back that they had in fact been torn down.

Our response to this? Simple re-poster the pole. Normally we conduct ourselves with some etiquette; we don’t plaster over everything on the poles, we act as ‘good neighbours’ and only take up some of the space. However when our posters do get torn down, well poster etiquette is thrown to the wind. We placed posters on both sides of the pole this time, then after a few minutes of no tear downs, our very own Jack Day put up even more posters.

I hung back in plain clothes and filmed the location for a straight fifteen minutes, we had a few people reading them. However no one tore them down. With no incident and the day getting late we ended our poster run.

I left Jack Day and JtO at a local ice cream shop as I had to make my way downtown.

Fast forward a couple hours to the Vancouver Art Gallery, your young goth-punk narrator finds himself surrounded by pustulating, bloodied, gored, and grotesque denizens of the undead horde. Everywhere I looked were mindless flesh eating monsters. This is of course the annual Vancouver Zombie Walk!

Now this was my first time attending, but I had always wanted to go. At 16:00 Hours (4:00pm) My friends and I joined the horde as we shambled, groaned, and cried for brains disrupting traffic down the popular shopping district that is Robson Street. The route continues on until we get to the bottom of the hill, from there the parade makes it’s way down Denman towards English Bay.

So what do I see when I get to the intersection before the beach?

Well the Starbucks poster pole still had the “Men’s Rights Are Human Rights” posters up, but the stats poster on Men’s issues were torn down. When I got over to the kiddy corner pole ALL our posters had been torn down; now one of my friends I had been educating on the Men’s Rights Movement for a few weeks now, but some of her other friends didn’t know what it was all about. They wondered why I was irked at the teardowns, so I showed them a copy of posters I had left, and began explaining the MRM and the issues facing Men and Boys in our current cultural and legal climate.

After I had finished speaking I promptly began repostering the pole (In plainclothes I might add!), with only friends of mine their to witness.

A couple of zombies agreed to model for my impromptu MRA photo opportunity and (show support), thus resulting in the images you see above.

Aug 032012

I work in an office environment, and oddly enough there are no women working here.

This has nothing to do with discrimination to women, more so to the fact that it is a small business outside the city.

 This is also a technology job (oh I can hear the radfems harping already, no I’m not a creepy nerdy loser who can’t get laid. On the contrary I get laid often, and I’m a geek whom dresses as an old school punk).

ANYHOW getting back to my point; I work in such an  environment that most office career based MRA’s would be envious of.

Here is where the oddity of my work environment occurs, and really I only have the last thirty to forty years to blame for this quirk…

Every single one of my co-workers actively censors themselves. Yeah we’re guys we joke around, we do our work, and overall the office environment is positive.

However when dirty jokes come up they are always cleaned up, I see their mental frustration when they are working on the right way to be PC about ANY social topic, and I am concerned many of these men are on a short leash.

Well I know the big boss is for sure, he’s got a wife & three kids. I can only imagine what kind of home life that is like. Obviously I’m speaking from the outsider view of a Zeta male, but nonetheless reality has taught me more often than not I’m right in my assumptions.

One conversation I can recall (which was on my first day), was that my other boss was telling me a story about how a client had a photo of a woman’s naked butt as their computer desktop.

His exact words were “I login to the client’s unit and there was a woman’s butt, which was nice but that’s irregardless…”, the conversation went on from there.

On my first day I reiterated to what he had just told me with the phrase “oh nice bit of random ass”.

I said it without flinching, and without a care. I’ve always been that way, and quite frankly I don’t consider ass to be an offensive term. Profanity is really just an extension of vocabulary; it is like an action phrase when nothing else will suffice.

My boss did not blink, didn’t flinch, but oh did he have a glint in his eye. Why? Because I had said exactly what he had wanted to say himself. However it was clear that growing up in our culture, he was raised to censor himself ESPECIALLY when speaking of women, or their anatomy.

While they are not completely uncensored, they have lightened up a bit around me. However for the most part, they still very much conduct themselves out of fear. Fear of some imagined reproach to comments about women, when none are around.

Which to me is both sad and utterly ridiculous, considering I have not once heard them say anything derogatory about women.

These are a good group of guys, they just need to be weaned off the blue pill kool-aid.

Jun 152012
Today – - June 15th 2012 – will mark one year since Thomas James Ball committed suicide on the court house steps of the New Hampshire family courts. Since then we have seen much said about his plight, his story and this site that was set up to draw attention to his story, much of it, based on lies, a biased media, misandric propaganda that only serves to illustrate further (and commit to public record) what we had seen as the reason to establish this site in the first place. May we never forget the sacrifices he made to draw attention to the misandry toward all Men and Fathers..

Please, pass this along!!

May 272012

By Alexmuerte
man boy
Masculinists can help sons, who have misandric parents. This is quite common these days and is just one of the fundamental principles within the masculinist movement. Special rights and privileges have been given to girls and the needs of boys have been ignored. This ignorance has led to more misandry in the nuclear family and is still fostered and propagated by society at large. The nuclear family itself is collapsing all across America, and indeed the world and it is often boys, who become the scapegoat of the family. Recruiting a large number of boys, right out of high school, will ensure the long term survival of the masculinist movement. The 1960′s taught us that there is nothing like the power of young people fighting to change the world. Many young men out of high school fought against the misandric draft and refused to take part in the Vietnam War.

It is more common for boys to be the victims of physical and emotional violence by parents. When a boy is hit by his sister and he hits her back, he is told that is wrong. This is an abuse of the boy’s right to defend himself. This is an abuse of the boy’s self respect. Boys are not taught what to do when they are attacked either verbally, emotionally, physically, or financially by a woman. Boys are also not taught what to do when women try to marginalize boys in social circles, and isolate them from their friends or other man spaces. What is most common is for the needs of boys to be neglected by their parents. Not much is done for boys in the family and thus it is right and just, that boys do not do very much for their family or see them very often. It is helpful to read books about narcissism, sociopathic behavior and borderline personality disorder. It is imperative that boys read books on men and the issues they face. There are many books available about abusive parents, and how one can deal with them. There is nothing wrong with reading books written by feminists on these subjects as long as you can make it relevant to your own life and not be captured by the girl good, boy bad paradigm. You are your own. Nobody owns you. You owe nothing to anyone that does not first value your own interests. The state does not own you, the corporations do not own you and your parents or peers do not own you.

It is very likely that if your father was around, he was also misandric. Do not get stuck trying to change your father, at the expense of moving on with your own life. This is real life, not Star Wars. Darth Vader is not going to save you from the Emperor. There are many good fathers, but there are also many fathers that are misandric and will enforce their misandry until you stop them from doing so. Parents can manipulate and even appear as victims, just to fulfill their own jaded, old school or uneducated emotions. All men are men. Being and becoming a man is a great adventure, it is enjoyable in the company of brothers, who support you. A great deal of lip service is paid to love and love is good. Not much attention is given to honor, respect, dignity and self worth. These are masculine values. Our founding fathers fought for their autonomy and sovereignty from England. They fought not to be ruled by England. All across the world many nations have fought to end the colonial rule of empire and the degradation it brings to the lives of men everywhere. May you live out your lives with honor, respect dignity and most of all, personal moral integrity that is beholden to no one, as highly as it is to yourself.

Mar 102012

LiesIn reading this so called “report” based solely on lies untruths and clearly unfounded provocations, could one well surmise this group it’s self, who asserts that hundreds (if not all) of Men’s Rights groups who are fighting for quality and justice for men and boys, are themselves a hate group?? It is truly appalling! As I once thought of the SPLC as a reputable voice for change with a responsible reputation. It is truly shameful to see that they have become a voice pipe for the exact political and sociological corruption they claim to be against.

What is even more chilling is the antics in which they have chosen to implore this level of outright misandry can only be construed as an irresponsible and purposeful attack by a feminist cult mindset that we as Men’s Rights groups have seen much of as late. As if to illustrate just how proactive this rhetoric is, to make the blatant statement ‘A Voice for Men is essentially a mouthpiece for its editor, Paul Elam’, ‘ a women hater’ is so out of touch with reality it can hardly be ignored that absolutely NO investigation which is conducive with the term “report” was conducted on any level.

Anyone who has actually visited AVFM (for one) can clearly see within moments of reading the site has at least ninety (as quoted) regular contributors, many affiliates and literally hundreds of thousands of regular supporters and commenter’s. It would literally take ten pages of rebuttal to debunk the many outright lies and mischaracterizations illustrated in this document regarding the other sites listed, time I am not even willing to afford to such completely childish behavior on behalf of Mr. Cohen and his ilk. They should be ashamed and embarrassed!! “Intelligence report”?? “Fighting Hate – Teaching Tolerance – Seeking Justice”?? Oh please!! Continue reading »

Jan 102012

DorisMayLessingDoris May Lessing (born 22 October 1919) is a British writer. Her novels include The Grass is Singing, The Golden Notebook, and five novels collectively known as Canopus in Argos.
Lessing was awarded the 2007 Nobel Prize in Literature. She was described by the Swedish Academy as “that epicist of the female experience, who with skepticism, fire and visionary power has subjected a divided civilization to scrutiny”. Lessing was the eleventh woman and the oldest ever person to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature. In 2001, Lessing was awarded the David Cohen Prize for a lifetime’s achievement in British Literature. In 2008, The Times ranked her fifth on a list of “The 50 greatest British writers since 1945″.

In this interview, about being winning the Nobel Prize, she presents an interesting prospective of men’s struggles in a post feminist world. Well worth the time to see!