VancouverMRA Public postering in the MRM is becoming more main stream than ever before, And with good reason. It is time the MRM in a general sense becomes more and more public about getting our messages out in to the public and pustering can accomplish this along with other social engineering and political benefits.

Before we get to the posters we have available, we should have a chat about a few do’s and don’ts so that any of these campaigns you under take are successful and even more importantly achieve the desired effects in a blue pill world.

While posters that use shock and awe effects to grab attention of the common street person one should be aware there are children and people from all walks of life that may interpret your message in a less than accepting way because of its content and placement. Please use caution when placing these kinds of posters.

I suggest taking a variety of posters with you on your campaigns so that you can avoid potential problems. Place the most appropriate posters according to the demographic. Group posters like a help line posters along with poster describing domestic violence can soften the message by providing a positive answer to the issue making it more palatable. . This will also help when involving businesses who may be willing to provide you with the ability to post in their establishment. They will most certainly be more willing to post a poster in their window to support a help line for men but may be reluctant to provide space for an anti feminist, anti rape culture or DV poster. A little finesse in these ideas will go a long, long way in gathering and maintaining support.

In most public settings there are excepted places to post them and in all places there are by-laws that should be followed. Remember, even if you are posting for your own site you are representing the MRM as a whole. Postering in ways and places that are not lawful or are otherwise excepted will do more damage to our movement then it will do any good. You will not achieve your goals if onlookers denounce your message, no matter how important, if you are defacing other peoples or businesses or property, stepping outside the laws or is otherwise being interpreted as mischief or graffiti. More-so, you could personally face fines and or penalties if the links are directed to your site, and if they are linked to other sites they could face considerable hardships that will likely do more damage then good.

Remember, people today are very plastic and emotionally driven. In most cases they will look for anything they can use to denounce the message in order to support their current position. Feminists will capitalize on these tactics as well so it is critically important to present a totally clean representation so that people will have to focus only on the messages being presented. The object is to win with a clear cut and decisive message that will achieve on point social engineering from you audience.


Tired of this shit yet?

Stop violence against men

9 out of 10 homeless are men

Mens rights are human rights [white background]

Mens rights are human rights [Dark background]

Understanding the MRM – an informal guide for Police
Understanding the MRM pdf  

Domestic Violence
For a long time, the women’s shelter industry, and the grievance industry – (sometimes called 
the victim industrial complex) has produced domestic violence public information literature uniformly
depicting men as abusers, and women as victims. This view of DV is a fiction, running in opposition to the reality that women abuse men at nearly equal rates, and that most DV occurs reciprocally. [1].

In what might be a international first, a government has produced educational material on domestic violence
specifically addressing men as victims. The provincial government of Alberta has done what
is unprecedented in the Western world.


Young Man – Ethnic

Young Man – White

Older Man

Information Sheets
Men Abused By Women

Men Abused By Women In Intimate Relationships