Aug 192012

So yesterday’s meetup saw the Vancouver MRA branching out into new neighbourhoods, for our poster runs. We wanted to gauge the level of tolerance of free speech. We went to Davie street and ultimately were not surprised at all by the positive reactions from Men & Women; indeed we had some individuals approach us asking what we were about, even asking for copies of posters.

I myself with an MRA buddy even approached Little Sisters Bookstore, to ask them if they wouldn’t mind putting up a couple posters on their community board (I will be going back in a couple of days to see if they were in fact put up).

We found considerably less poster poles down Davie street, so we decided to continue on down to Denman, where a funny sort of thing happened. On the corner of Davie & Denman there is a Starbucks, a pub, and beachfront restaurant.

There were poster poles kiddy corner to each other at the intersection leading to English Bay.

The poles by Starbucks, well nobody dared touch our posters there; however the one across from it we found when we had left the area and come back that they had in fact been torn down.

Our response to this? Simple re-poster the pole. Normally we conduct ourselves with some etiquette; we don’t plaster over everything on the poles, we act as ‘good neighbours’ and only take up some of the space. However when our posters do get torn down, well poster etiquette is thrown to the wind. We placed posters on both sides of the pole this time, then after a few minutes of no tear downs, our very own Jack Day put up even more posters.

I hung back in plain clothes and filmed the location for a straight fifteen minutes, we had a few people reading them. However no one tore them down. With no incident and the day getting late we ended our poster run.

I left Jack Day and JtO at a local ice cream shop as I had to make my way downtown.

Fast forward a couple hours to the Vancouver Art Gallery, your young goth-punk narrator finds himself surrounded by pustulating, bloodied, gored, and grotesque denizens of the undead horde. Everywhere I looked were mindless flesh eating monsters. This is of course the annual Vancouver Zombie Walk!

Now this was my first time attending, but I had always wanted to go. At 16:00 Hours (4:00pm) My friends and I joined the horde as we shambled, groaned, and cried for brains disrupting traffic down the popular shopping district that is Robson Street. The route continues on until we get to the bottom of the hill, from there the parade makes it’s way down Denman towards English Bay.

So what do I see when I get to the intersection before the beach?

Well the Starbucks poster pole still had the “Men’s Rights Are Human Rights” posters up, but the stats poster on Men’s issues were torn down. When I got over to the kiddy corner pole ALL our posters had been torn down; now one of my friends I had been educating on the Men’s Rights Movement for a few weeks now, but some of her other friends didn’t know what it was all about. They wondered why I was irked at the teardowns, so I showed them a copy of posters I had left, and began explaining the MRM and the issues facing Men and Boys in our current cultural and legal climate.

After I had finished speaking I promptly began repostering the pole (In plainclothes I might add!), with only friends of mine their to witness.

A couple of zombies agreed to model for my impromptu MRA photo opportunity and (show support), thus resulting in the images you see above.

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