Aug 302012

Saturday, August 25: The weather was nice and sunny up here in “Lotusland,” the soon-to-become Mancouver BC. A perfect day for meeting fellow MRAs, doing some postering (and general FTSU-ing, if you will.) To mark the occasion and make it even more noteworthy, this was the very first liaison between Men’s Rights Edmonton and what seems to be a new group forming in our area, Men’s Rights Vancouver, and the Vancouver MRA.

I want to express my gratitude for Mister D.: for enduring the 15 hour schlep to the coast in order to impart news of all the wondrous things that have been going on in Alberta. As a consequence, we learned much of the colourful history of the Albertan men’s rights movement – of the activism of a particular Dr. Ferrel Christensen (Ph.D) of the Gender Issues Education Foundation, based in Edmonton; someone who has been fighting for gender equality and against misandry for 2 decades; an individual whose activism has taken him to the Supreme Court of Canada (when, in June 2009, he won a settlement in a defamation lawsuit against Canwest Global Communications and the National Post for untrue allegations made against his person in a newspaper article of the time [1.])

Main St After a hearty MRA-sized breakfast, we set about postering. The first point-of-call was to the side of a grocery store on Main Street – a business whose owner is becoming increasingly sympathetic to our message. Rather surprisingly, our posters had stayed up from the week before. This time however, rather than being torn down, they were ‘amended’ by a local agent of fempire. I believe, as did the others assembled with me, that the graffiti thereabouts, provides a snippet of the desperation that is being exuded by our enemies. Their counter-arguments are a royal-road to the feminist subconscious, as it were. The distress was almost olfactory.

Off the bat, was a message that prompted a face-palm of futrellian proportions. Ultimately, I had to laugh: directing enquiring minds to manboobz is like directing undecided voters to Fox News for fair and balanced party political dissemination.

Main St Then, swift-on-the heels, the guilt-by-association fallacy jumps out their hackneyed bag-of-tricks. I could not help but wonder as to how many degrees of separation lay between Arthur Goldwag and Kevin Bacon’s auntie.These people will stop at nothing, no matter how untrue, in their misleading shaming tactics.
Main St A short lilly-pad hop, in a downward fashion, led to this ‘official’ sanction (by the self-same organization that is, as we all know, in part funded by RadFem Hub contributors.)

Let’s have a little look at what SPLC supports, shall we!? Apparently the extermination of men and boys is not hurtful or hateful so long as it means a few bucks in their pocket according to SPLC. In fact, they would even go so far as to label those apposed to this outrageous dialogue as the ones being hateful.

Main St Moving on: single mother homes are not ‘fatherless,’ by all accounts. Does that mean, by logical extension, that households, devoid of female sway, are not “motherless?”

“children raised by single dads do better in more than 20 areas of measurement in comparison to children raised by single moms.”

So accordingly, the problem is ‘single’ moms? If that’s truly the case, and men can do better, shouldn’t the children primarily be with their fathers? Maybe then we can get to the real elephant in the room! The one that has to do with Over 2/3 of the child abuse committed by a parent is committed by the mother. While we are at it, let’s add these horrific statistics to what feminists call domestic violence then we can get a clear picture of the real problems.

Main St This entry is extremely interesting: the fact that 97% of combat deaths and casualties since the first Gulf War have been men has duly gone through the feminist clearing house and regurgitated thusly. Who knew that that these egregious statistics were caused precisely by the military’s hatred of women. One would surmise that, by this metric, the military must really, really love men by the bucket load. To think, I must have been insensible beyond all reason: I never saw gurneys as tangible evidence of love and support by the military industrial complex until now.

I am convinced: servicewomen should be increasingly exposed to ‘friendly’ fire – not the to the ‘hateful’ kind, however.

Main St And to my personal favourite, the veritable crème brûlée (yum!) of all the nonsense on display.

Does this mean that it is not as bad if I merely slap my partner? Is this de jure or merely de facto?

This leaves me wondering if the feminist narrative would be willing to take slapping out of what is domestic violence, all together, or would this little aspect be reserved for entitled princesses such as the one who wrote this? Being her justification for slapping men can be simply washed aside by a self assigned system of degrees, one can only assume she is as violent to her men as she has demonstrated for the vile contempt of these postings.

After putting up a whole batch of new posters (and contributing to what JTO likes to call the ‘poster ecology’,) we went into the store and cordially shook hands with the staff & owner. It was at this juncture that he asked us if he could put one of our posters up in his window and have a few for his friends. So, like the true MRA ambassadors that we are, we gave him a couple to choose from and headed on out, to all points of the GVRD, and, to Feminazi South Central – to the Commercial Drive. Buoyed on by the goodwill we had just witnessed towards us, we felt emboldened, ready to take whatever the vicissitudes of fate may throw our way.