Dec 132011

Well low and behold; it would seem that the feminists are trying to pull the wool over somebody’s eyes, maybe you! For sure your wives, girlfriends, governments, the social media at large, but not all of us are as fooled. Nope! Least of all me!… and well, there is this other guy, r 2, as well.

He seems to have something to say and as passionately as you may want too, when you see the amazing atheist award for “stupidest person in the world” video produced for hate-week winner. Have a look, but be forewarned, this guy says it, just like it is.

For another take, Bernard Chapin here with Volume of Chapin’s INFERNO 663 A Man Is a Rape-Supporter If

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Dec 112011

Welcome the new & /Blog!

Our aim is to provide a wide variety of informational and logistical services along with other Men’s Rights Advocates, groups and other MRM organizations here and around the world.

As keeping with our endeavours to create a more public profile for the abundant local and world audiences we have achieved recently, we will be re-creating the HTML site to host a variety of materials while converting some of our documents and commentaries to the public blog as we move forward.

As should be expected, our main focus is and will always be our Activism endeavours. Thus, things will move along a little clunky here for a while as we iron out the bugs.

If you are a MRA, motivated and have always wanted to do something more than bitch and complain about the many issues that face Men and Boys in today’s world, I think you will find our political approach a refreshing, no nonsense platform aimed at getting things done.

Thank you for dropping by…
Jack Day